A New Washing Machine

Last weekend our washing machine decided to really punk out and stop working in the middle of a cycle. It has been through a lot over the years with a few moves and a lot of spare change getting stuck in the gears. I am probably the biggest culprit of the change problem but given that the machine was almost 10 years old and had lasted through all the moving around and abuse, it is not surprising that we had to say good-bye.

We decided to go for a washer that is double the size of the old one. We could fit 7.5 kilos in the old one and the new one holds 16 kilos. Our family is growing and soon we will have 5 persons’ clothes to throw in so why not get it all done at once if possible? It will also be nice to wash all the sheets at the same time too.

Our old washer is not completely done though. We are certain we could get our handyman to come and fix it up so we can send it off to my mother in law who still does all her laundry by hand.

Speaking of hand-washing clothes, what a chore! No wonder stay at home moms really had no down time back in the day before washers were invented (oh and before disposable diapers too…yikes!). It is an arduous task to go through and get all the soap out of every piece of clothing and then wring it out. At least we still have our dryer but the drying definitely took double the amount of time since there is no way my hands work as well as a spinning centrifuge to wick out the excess water in the washed clothing. I picked and chose carefully the clothes I really needed to wash and left the rest for today when the washer came.

Needless to say, I am glad this past week is over and I can throw everything in our enormous machine now. I am sure it will cost a bit more on the electric bill but it is more than worth it especially since we got a super nice LG machine for half price. Thank you Ripley (a department store here in Peru) for having such a good deal.

In other news, I am getting bigger and bigger by the day and really need to watch what I eat since I have gained as much weight in these past 7 months as I did with all of Leah’s pregnancy. Eek. I will be doing weekly updates starting this week so I will write more about my pregnancy in a later post.

Leah has become a full blown toddler with tantrums and particularities when it comes to food. I don’t blame her for not being as adventurous as I would like her to be since it is really on the parents to introduce food super early so they have a base of what lots of things (an lots of veggies) taste like before the look of a food becomes the determining factor as to whether or not they will put something in their mouths. I just have to remember that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose when it comes to making dinner for your child(ren). I just thank my lucky stars that the girl loves quinoa. You could really live off the stuff.

Today I stayed home with Leah because she has a pretty nasty cough and had a fever last night. We had to take her to the clinic this morning. Leah is not a fan of the clinic nor the doctor and screams and cries her head off every time. As soon as we were done though she happily waved good bye to the doctor and pranced out of the office. We have got to work on her calming down for the triage though. She still has to be weighed by a parent getting weighed first and then holding her on the scale with one of us.

The other issue is getting her to take her medicine. Yikes. She does not like amoxicilin nor Ambroxol and forcing her just makes it that much worse the next time around. If anyone has any suggestions for how to get a toddler to take medicine, please let me know.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and that you are preparing something awesome for Father’s Day next weekend!

  • Clif Brown

    The best part is Inez getting the old one – what a transition for her! How will you get it to her home?