A New Kind of Birthday

On Sunday I turned 31. I am really in my thirties now and I have to say I don’t really feel much older but then I look at my kids and I am reminded of how time is passing. Nothing like kids to make you feel your age. It’s not a bad feeling, just different.

This year is the first year I didn’t do anything for my birthday apart from spending the day with my family. There was no going out with girlfriends or a big party at our place like we had last year. This time there was a happy birthday wake up from my daughter and husband (accompanied by a wonderfully practical diaper bag backpack), followed by nursing, chores, and breakfast.

We went to the Barranco eco-feria and played a bit in the park. I found some gifts at the flea market in the Pedro de Osma nursery school as well. We headed to El Bigote for lunch which included waffles of all sorts. They were delicious. (If you ever go, it is this hole in the wall place across from the Museum of Contemporary Art – MAC and has room for about 15 people max) Leah was thrilled with the table games.

Marco had asked me where I wanted to eat lunch and while I thought about a few places I decided on El Bigote, not only because it had waffles but because they have table games and entertaining an almost three-year old without electronics is crucial to going out to eat these days.

After getting home Marco headed out to get a birthday cake and both kiddies fell asleep. Hurray for me as I got some more chores done and 10 minutes of down time before Christopher woke up. I tried to take a nap but It is so hard for me to take naps these days as my running to-do list runs in my head while I try and rest. Welcome to mom of two life Amy!

The evening did not disappoint. It was late since Leah slept so long and but we had the most delicious tres leches cake from Gaby Tortas. That picture shows her naughty side as she just took some icing from the side.

The best part of my day was getting the most sincere thank you and a hug from Leah for the two slices of cake she was allowed to eat. Leah is getting into the stage of refusals and testing my patience with her strong feelings about everything. I am going to state what pretty much all parents say about little ones. The little moments of thankfulness and sweetness from my child negates all the frustration and difficulty that happens during tantrums. It’s natures way of making sure parents don’t go completely bonkers during the early years.

Oh, and I loved how I would get a “happy birthday” randomly throughout the day from Leah. Her excitement was contagious.

The one thing I noticed that made me feel the passage of time was that Leah decided to start calling me “Mom” on my birthday. No!!! I am not ready to be “mom” yet. I want to stay mommy for at least another year. I asked her is she could call me mommy and her response was “Ok Mom”. Oh well, my little baby is growing and as long as she still wants to play with me and holds my hand for a while longer I can accept the new name.

Finally, we were able to get a pic of us with Leah smiling instead of eating. It really is the little things in life and I am so grateful for my family and all the birthday love but even more grateful for the year round love.

my 31st birthday

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