Maternity Leave is Over

Back to classIt could not come fast enough and it ended faster than I imagined. After 98 days of maternity leave I returned to work. This time my eyes are heavier than normal and my brain more filled with things to do than ever before.

I am so exhausted. I started back to work this Monday and I am completely discombobulated. Fortunately, my wonderful best friend who subbed for me while I was on maternity leave left me lesson plans for the week like a doll. Even so, I struggled to keep the energy level at functioning and the energy required to lead class with 25 kindergarteners is a bit higher than what is needed at regular office job.

I really can´t complain though. I only have two weeks left of class and the majority of those days are half days with the girls with practice for the end of the year Christmas play taking up a good chunk of the day.

When we were planning on having another child we took my work schedule into consideration and planned around it to maximize the vacation time squeezing out almost 5 months of leave instead of just 98 days. It worked pretty well and thanks to my amazing mother, I am back at work with peace of mind that my baby is in good hands. It doesn’t hurt that I have enjoyed a couple of really delicious meals since my mother arrived.

I find that it is harder than it was with Leah to be back to work. Part of it is due to the fact that Christopher is sick with a cold that includes congestion and a cough. The poor thing wakes up every few hours unable to breathe very well. We have to put drops in his nose and aspirate which elicit a decent amount of crying followed by a nursing session and at least 15 minutes of upright comforting to get his burp out and avoid gas problems. Needless to say, it´s rough when 6 am is my wake up call. The other part is having 10 times more things running through my head with two kids on my brain now.

‘Tis the life of a working mom.

It´s a passing season though. Soon it will be summer and there will be more time for naps and my baby will get over his cold and I will have more energy to enjoy both of my children more.

At this point though, all I fantasize about is my bed and how incredibly wonderful it is to put my head down and be horizontal with my eyes closed. Bliss, I tell you. Bliss. (But really, true bliss is an uninterrupted night´s sleep but that´s not going to happen for a while so I will take what I can get!)

  • Clif Brown

    I know you will be recombobulated before long.