La Choza Nautica Restaurant – Pachacamac, Lima Peru

Choza Nautica Pachacamac foodThis past February while my dad was in town we took a short trip to Pachacamac to have lunch at La Choza Nautica. It is a seafood restaurant chain and this is their newest location. My friend sent me a link in December from the website which is like Groupon. The plan was to go as a group and let the kids play together and enjoy a summer day with friends. Unfortunately, scheduling didn’t work out so we went as just the family instead.

The deal was really great even though we could have had a little bit more food. Overall we were satisfied with what we got for the cost. I wouldn´t necessarily choose to eat there otherwise as most of the dishes are between 35-45 soles (10-15 USD) each. Our deal consisted of:

Barbecue for 4 people: S/ 110 instead of S/ 280

-4 Pisco sours
-4 steak cuts
-4 wings
-4 brats
-fresh salad
-fried potatoes
– Chicha morada for 4
– Entrance to the recreational center
– Pool access
– Playground access

La Choza Nautica Pachacamac Bar

The restaurant area is a big patio with a bamboo structure covering it. The bar is in the middle and there is plenty of space to spread out.

The highlight was definitely the playground. There were two large wooden structures for bigger children and a smaller plastic structure for toddlers. There is also a field to play football in if people wanted to. We did not go into the pool since it was more of a wading pool with a depth of no more than a few feet. It also didn´t look too clean. However, something that was very clean and aesthetically pleasing was the bathroom. I didn´t think to take a picture of it but the stalls and the structure for the mirrors behind the sinks are made of bamboo and it is very open and bright.

As far as entertaining the family and getting out of Lima a bit, this is a great option. The food is decent and the atmosphere is really pleasant. I am not sure if they are open throughout the year but it makes a great summer time outing.

After lunch we found a delicious ice cream and cafe called Galya Cafe right up the road. The cafe seemed really out of place as it was really nicely decorated with cute antique style furniture and signs in English as well as an outdoor patio set. The juxtaposition was strong as it sits directly next to a run down dusty house and the road right in front is not paved. They are located right next to the new Channel 4 station headquarters so they get a lot of administrators and employees of the channel over for lunch and coffee. I am sure the employees are happy to have something like this cafe so close! The ice cream was delicious and we gobbled it up before heading back home. If you do find yourself in the area you should definitely check out Galya Cafe.