Happy Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017 Lima PeruI wanted to get a post up for Halloween as I have not been writing like I thought I would be. Before all you parents out start thinking “duh, you don’t have time to write with two kids now” it’s really because I spend my down time browsing Facebook or Instagram. Everyone has their way to relax right?

Anyway, Happy Halloween 2017! I hope everyone has had a ghoulishly good time. Today happened to be the first time I solo parented all day as Leah got pink eye and had to stay home from school. It went way better than I imagined and she managed to keep her hands to herself as opposed to all over Christopher like they usually are. We danced, colored and carved a pumpkin! I even toasted the seeds which was a nice treat.

pumpkin carving in peru

We decided not to go out trick or treating due to being sick. She watched the kids outside in their costumes but only said she wanted to go outside once and that was it. We had a few kids come by the apartment which made me happy. I doubt anyone would have come if I had not messaged the army wives Whatsapp group letting them know that we had candy to give out. One girl gave Leah a chocolate skeleton lollipop in exchange for her candy. It was really sweet (pun intended).

mommy daughter pumpkins

Leah did not miss out completely though. We went to a Halloween party on Sunday put on by expat parents so she received her fair share of candy. I instated a one piece of candy a day rule until we run out. She ate so much of it the day of the party that we only have three pieces left.  She only had 10 or so candies in total as all the kids had to do arts and crafts and various activities to get their candy. Leah’s favorite activity was freeze dance.

Leah decided she was going to be a pumpkin for Halloween when we were looking up images to print out and color on the computer. She saw a pumpkin dress and was hooked. I found a pumpkin dress for 30 soles at Wong and a pumpkin onesie for Teefer. She wore it every day for three days! In order to complete the look, I made myself a pumpkin face out of felt and bought a pumpkin headband from the market.

The party was really nice and well organized. I met some interesting people including someone who recognized me from this blog! That was super cool.

Halloween in Peru also coincides with Dia de la Canción Criollo which is Peruvian music that everybody loves, including myself. We jammed out to some Eva Allyon today to celebrate.

Interest in trick or treating continues to become more popular among Peruvians. I remember in Cusco the kids would trick or treat in the Plaza de Armas and it is common here in Lima for kids to go to the mall to do their trick or treating. Going door to door is not nearly as crazy as it is in the States and many neighborhoods are not conducive at all to trick or treating. Where we live is great though and today there were plenty of kids out and about in their costumes. The kid also say “Halloween Halloween” instead of trick or treat. They miss out on getting that random old person who doesn’t have candy and tells a terrible joke to you instead. Too bad!

We hope that everyone was safe and got lots of candy this Halloween! Next year we will definitely be trick or treating unless another infection disrupts our plans again.