Happy Easter 2017

Happy Easter from Peru 2017

Gotta love the crayon in one hand and chifle in the other. My lovely little Peruvian American child.

Happy Easter!! I was on the ball last night by taking pictures, editing them, writing a post and scheduling it to be published today! At the time this is published I will be in the kitchen making my great-grandmother’s coffee cake recipe for breakfast along with scrambled eggs and toast. I can’t wait!

Easter weekend has been a blast and more fun than it has been in many years. Probably since I was a kid getting excited to look for eggs. This year Leah is finally old enough to enjoy dying eggs and looking for them too. We had a mini mini egg hunt at La Bodega Verde on Thursday and she liked it so much that she hid the eggs again after finding them so she could go and find them again.

Yesterday we had a relaxing day at Parque de la Amistad with the family and today Leah and I got our arts and crafts on at my friend Jo’s house. We made bunny ears, a toilet paper rabbit and what I like to call an Easter reindeer. Leah got really into the painting of her ears and made sure to continuously cover the eggs in the bowls with the dye in between snacking on banana chips.

I love that Leah is at the age where I can leave her on her own with other kids and toys and I don’t have to worry quite as much about her getting into something she shouldn’t. You always have to pay attention to the super quiet times though because that is when kids are getting into trouble more often than not.

Arts and Crafts for Easter 2017

We stayed four hours at Jo’s place which was way longer than I thought we would be there but we were having a great time and there was a surprise ice cream run too! We will be back this afternoon as well for an egg hunt in her backyard. Leah is going to get two hunts today. I can’t wait!

This evening I introduced egg dying to my mother-in-law, husband and step son. None of them had ever done it before. I was asked by my step-son why we dye eggs for Easter and since I had the same inquiry myself not too long before I informed him (via wikipedia) that eggs laid during holy week were prohibited from consumption so people would decorate them and give them to kids. Down the road somehow a bunny got involved and starting hiding them. (Bunnies represent new life so there is some sense to it I guess.)

We used the dying set my mother sent and made some pretty fantastic colored eggs. I was happy to have found white eggs at the store today too. Gabriel (my step-son) had never seen white shelled eggs before. Funny how that is all I had ever seen until studying abroad in Ecuador. The magic crayon to draw on the eggs was a pretty exciting novelty too.

Dying Easter Eggs

I plan on making an Easter basket for both Leah and Gabriel but since I don’t have as much stuff to put in Gabriel’s basket I will put in a card with a 10 sol bill. That is more appreciated than chocolate anyway. He is 14 but he had never celebrated Easter with the Easter bunny or looking for eggs so he should join in on the fun too. I am really looking forward to it. I may not be able to impart a whole bunch of things on my step son but the least I can do is show him how much fun some American traditions are.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter whether you celebrate it at church or not. We may be going to service this morning but I am not 100% sure. I am not Catholic, nor do I consider myself Christian but my husband is Catholic and it is the most important holiday for Christians apart from Christmas so if he wants us to go I completely understand. It is going to be a packed service though. Of all the Sundays to go to church, this is the one Sunday when everyone goes to church who says they are Catholic. I did happen to buy a super cute pastel colored dress for Leah two days ago from a fellow expat mom so we are ready with appropriate church get up for the occasion.