First Day of School 2017

Yesterday was Leah’s first day of nursery school and it went very well even though this was the best photo I could get in front of the welcome balloons. A scary Tigger greeted everyone as they entered and Leah is not the biggest fan of people dressed up as characters. (I think a trip to Disney World is quite a few years off still)

We made our way over before 8am as I had asked for permission to arrive late at work so I could drop her off. This year she is in the green room and I am so excited because her teacher from her first year (as a 3 month old) is her teacher again this year. She also has two of her old assistants from that year too. One of them makes no qualms about the fact that she adores Leah. “Mi bella gorda” she calls her.

It is such a relief knowing that she is in really good hands and I don’t have to worry about whether or not her teacher will be attentive and communicative because I already know she is. So far we are three for three with teachers for Leah. I hope we stay on this streak the entire time she attends this nursery.

We had to take the stroller because we had to bring all of the school supplies. I have written about the quantity of school supplies in the past and this year it didn’t seem quite as daunting. I think it is because I finally understand what everything is and I know what places are going to have what items. I had to go to the supermarket, a school supplies/art store and the market to get everything and in the end it all added up to about 360 soles which is a bit more than 100 USD. It seems like a lot but once books are required the price doubles. My step son had to buy at least 300 soles worth of books this year.

School supplies ready for the first day of school

I don’t remember spending any money on books for school when I was in high school but then again, I am pretty sure my parents paid a decent income/property tax that went towards school supplies. Correct me if I am wrong parents.

The cost of the nursery went up this year by 100 soles. It is an understandable increase and still doesn’t come close to what it costs to send a kid to a nursery anywhere in Barranco or Miraflores. I worked it out that it is 10 soles a day for food which is more than what a menu would cost for lunch but Leah also gets two snacks throughout the day. I am so incredibly grateful that I don’t have to worry about sending lunch either. That is a huge burden off my shoulders. (We all know how much of a meal planning master I am.)

It is surprising but it actually costs less to send my step-son to school on a monthly basis than to send Leah to school. But, then again, Gabriel doesn’t have lunch included in his monthly pension. He will be buying his lunches for around 10 soles a day as well so really it will be about the same.

Leah wasn’t exhausted today because she was picked up at 10:30 am by Mama Ynes but Gabriel was falling asleep at the dinner table because had a full day and is not used to getting up at 6:30 am. I don’t blame him one bit. I am not a morning person either.

I am hoping to get Leah’s bed time to around 7:30 or 8 pm this year. Right now she is getting to bed closer to 9 pm and it is exhausting because it doesn’t give Marco nor me very much time to get anything else done before hitting the hay. If I am not in bed by 10:30 pm I am a zombie the next day. Ideally I would be asleep by 10 pm but that doesn’t happen too often.

I think once Leah starts taking one hour naps at the nursery and is playing all day, getting her to bed earlier won’t be as difficult. Right now she sleeps from 2 to 4 pm. I love it because I get a nap in too but staying up later is the price we pay for it.

I am really excited about this school year both for my kids and for me and my students. The first day of school for my students was last Wednesday but I started yesterday with my classes. I can already tell that this year’s group of girls is much calmer than last year’s and the classes are smaller too so things shouldn´t get too crazy to handle…hopefully.

Happy 2017 Peruvian school year!

First Day of School with baby dolls

She found marker on the baby doll´s head and immediately said ¨es, dooty.¨

  • Clif Brown

    Tom Filipowitz up in Chiclayo reports that the tots he and Maribel support with Promesa Peru are also very put off by clowns. They’ve decided to skip having clowns from now on when there are class celebrations.

    • Amy

      She does like the payaso though, who smashes pie in unsuspecting strangers’ faces.

    • Ron Morgan

      Hi Clif,
      Saw your Pepsi comment in Toms blog.
      Looks like you discovered Peru is not the paradise idiots like Tom make it out to be. If you eat that open air market meat and DDT dusted fruits and veggies you will be fine…..financially. But if you want to eat untainted food like the rest of us, you better bring a bag of cash.
      Don’t be like that idiot Tom and wake up 9 years later only to discover you have been paying through the nose for peanut butter.

      • Amy

        Hello Ron,
        Thanks for stopping by my blog however, I am confused by your comment. First you say you will have to bring lots of money to eat untainted food (which is not the case) and secondly you then say don’t be an idiot like Tom who is paying a lot of money to buy things like peanut butter? I believe this comment might be better put in response directly to Clif’s response on Tom’s blog as it has nothing to do with the content from this post.

        • Ron Morgan

          Hello Amy,
          Tom is not what he appears to be. He protected (and still does) a man and hid him from people whom he bilked for thousands of dollars. That exact comment was posted to Toms blog, it is posted here to make unsuspecting folks, such as Clif, see what a crook Tom is. For some reason, it never appeared in Toms blog. That is why it is posted here directly to Clif. Maybe you can help and see that Cliff gets it?

          • Amy

            I appreciate the concern and I will see if he has read the comments here or not.

        • dlareg9

          Amy, could you pass along a message to Clif.
          I am looking for information about the Alice Cool Foundation. They are supposedly donors to the Promesa Peru non-profit organization yet nothing exists about them on the internet except for Tom thanking them for their donation.
          Since Clif is a donor to PP perhaps he could tell us how to contact ACF.


    • Lou S. Cannon

      Tom is a clown. Why waste money hiring one?