Baby Wearing

Daddy baby wearingWhere does the time go? My days and nights have seemed to blur together and I often catch myself asking what day it is or checking the calendar because my life is filled with everything that having two children under 3 entails. Oh, and baby wearing all the time. I get breaks in the evening when the hubby comes home and I can play with my daughter for a little while which is a nice respite.

Seriously, this child is my little koala and I don’t know if it is because I started carrying him a lot to keep him safe from Leah or that his personality leans towards it, but the boy wants to be carried all the time. I am lucky if I can get 10 minutes of carry free time to get other things done. He tends to sleep while in the baby bjorn too. I can put him down but he will usually wake up 15 to 20 minutes later maximum. It isn’t too bad right now but I am just imagining him as he gets heavier and heavier how it is going to destroy my back.

I am not one of those moms who is hard-core baby wearing and thinks that it is the only way to do it because I definitely put Leah down a lot when she was a baby. I would carry her occasionally when we would go out but it was not to the extent of the baby wearing I do with Christopher. Like I mentioned before, it is more out of necessity because I can’t trust Leah to be alone with her brother and now he screams when I don’t carry him around.

It’s exhausting but I kind of like the fact that he wants to be close to me. Maybe it is the fact that I will not be having any more kids and I know that it will be over soon enough anyway. Maybe it is because he is my little baby boy or maybe it is because just the simple fact of baby wearing creates a stronger emotional bond.

Research has shown that there are more advantages than disadvantages to baby wearing. One of those advantages is a stronger emotional bond between mother and child. That could very well be true and it will be interesting to see how it plays out for me and my son as opposed to me and my daughter who had much more time in her swing and bouncy chair.

Baby wearing is super common among indigenous women in Peru but not as much by LimeƱans. It is a growing trend though with groups like AsociaciĆ³n Peruana Unidos por el Portero y Apego Seguro or AUPAS promoting baby wearing with events like this one. I think a large reason for baby wearing in the indigenous community is the ability to have their hands free to do work more than the idea of attachment parenting. Attachment parenting is the westernized term used for something that women have done for centuries. Most indigenous women do not have the luxury of being able to put their children down or have someone else like a nanny watch them so the mothers carry their children and get their work done. It’s not a choice like it is for people like me.

According to Baby Wearing International, the benefits of baby wearing include: happier babies, healthier babies, more confident parents, more loving caregivers and comfort and convenience. You can check out the article here.

That being said, I plan on carrying my son as it is necessary to keep him safe and because I don’t like that cries so hard when I put him down. He is only 7 weeks old and there is plenty of time to get him used to being in a chair for longer periods. I don’t believe we can spoil a child in the first three months anyway. Believe me, I will use a stroller and a chair when he lets me. A lot of parenting stuff I see anyway works towards making the parents’ lives easier (which is good for a lot of things) but each child’s needs are different and I have to evaluate what will be best for my son’s emotional and physical needs right now, even if it means my shoulder will be a bit sore. (Hey, extra workouts right?)

So here is what I have in terms of wraps:

I bought a wrap similar to a moby wrap for when Christopher was a newborn and I like it because I could cover his head up easily but now he is bigger and tying the darn thing is time-consuming and not always consistently tight enough.

cloth wrap for baby wearing

I now use a baby bjorn but it has its drawbacks because it is an older version that doesn’t distribute the weight on the back well. Also, there are some that say it is not so great on the genitals, but more so when the child is facing outward.

baby bjorn for baby wearing

Finally, I have a Marmosa wrap (as seen in the picture at the top) that I will use when he gets bigger and I used with Leah for a while that is like a backpack with a flap that I can clip up so the child’s head is covered if he or she sleeps. It has lumbar support too which is great!