About Wawas in Peru

Wawa is the Quechua word for baby.


Bienvenidos! I am so glad you stopped by the blog! My name is Amy Brown and I moved to Peru 7 years ago seeking adventure and I definitely got it! I met my husband while teaching English in Cusco and we got married in 2012. We welcomed our daughter in December 2014 and our son in September of 2017. I love to blog and post fun (and sometimes frustrating) things about living in Peru and with a child, an entirely new world of parenting adventures has begun!

So let me tell you about Wawas in Peru. I started blogging when I moved to Peru under the blog This Is Peru. When I became pregnant I started looking for parenting blogs and how to posts because often it can be very daunting for people in a foreign country raising children. I didn’t have much luck finding blogs even though I did find a few mom groups. It is my hope that this blog helps other parents who are looking for things to do with their children in Lima and Peru as well as adjust to life here.

This blog covers topics such as being a parent and an expat, ¬†cross-cultural relationships, bilingualism, maybe a few arts and crafts, being a working mom, Peruvian society as well as “How to in Peru” posts. I hope you come along for the ride!

  • Melanie Dale

    Hi, Amy! Just stopping by to say hi and check out your lovely blog! It’s so fun to peek through your eyes into the world of expat parenting!

    • Amy

      Thanks Melanie! It’s a work in progress but so is life right? I appreciate you stopping by!