3 Month Update

3 month photoDear Christopher,

I am super proud of you little guy. This month was not an easy one for you. You have been dealing with a cough and congestion that have warranted multiple aspirations with drops and a syringe as well as antibiotics which we will finish on Tuesday. It is not fun for you but you feel so much better afterward. Your smiling face shines through every day despite not feeling top-notch.

This month you started talking. Well, you have found your voice and you started with a long ahhhhh. It has evolved into babbling over the past week accompanied by grins and gurgles. We love it and your sister especially loves it. ¨He´s smiling at me!¨ she exclaims, ever time you do it with her around.

You also found your hands this month and figured out how to put them in your mouth all the time! That might be part of the reason why you got sick. Your sister LOVES to touch your hands even though we tell her not to every single day. (It´s driving mommy a little bonkers.)

On a side note, when Leah sees you sucking on your fingers she always says ¨He´s chuping his fingers¨. Chupar means to suck in Spanish. I love her spanglish isms and I know I will love yours too!

Speaking of being sick, I am afraid you might be suffering from allergies on top of the infection you had. Being born on the tail end of winter is rough in Lima. To make matters worse it is December and we are still waking up to cold damp mornings that change to hot sweaty afternoons. This weather wreaks havoc on even the best immune systems! We have not taken you out of the house for the past week and a half to keep you from experiencing the extreme weather changes.

Grandma has been taking really good care of you though and she has made sure you are comfortable and well entertained while cooped up in the house. You have had plenty of tummy time (which mommy could really be doing more of) and you are holding your head up like a pro! You want to crawl so badly. I can tell you are going to be a little mover and shaker.

Your sleep has been getting better as you finish your medicine since you really only wake up when you are congested and can´t breathe or you are a little hungry. Daddy makes the whole process a lot easier. I nurse you and he burps you and puts you back to bed. I am amazed by his ability to calm you down and get you to sleep. I don´t blame you though. Daddy´s arms are pretty amazing and comfy. Falling asleep is a great activity to do in them.

Summer is almost here baby and more consistent warmer weather is on its way which means you will be able to wear all those adorable onesies you got from Grandma and Judy.

Bring on the sunscreen and the pool!

Love you to the Sun,