2 Month Update

baby photo 2 monthsDear Teefer,

That’s your nickname and I love it. Don’t worry though. We will only use it until you tell us to call you something else. I think it is sweet that your sister gave it to you and it fits you oh so well.

You are two months old as of yesterday! I am happy to say that we have made it to month two with relatively few problems. I have kept you safe from your sister (and all of her love) and it has only been gas that has bothered you this past week or so. I am convinced it is from the coffee I was drinking so I have gone cold turkey for you. It’s all good though because as much as I love coffee I wasn’t addicted and it will be better for my health as well to not drink it. I will just have to find my energy boost from some other source.

You started smiling this month and it is the most magical thing ever to watch you smile, especially at your sister. She gets so excited and shouts “He’s smiling at me!” every time you do it. I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything. I know there will be plenty more too with all the peek-a-boo she plays with you.

You are growing and while I don’t have your exact measurements yet (tomorrow is our well check up) I am positive you have grown a substantial amount both in height and weight. You feel heavier in the baby carrier which, while taking its toll on my shoulders, is heartening as you are growing like you should be.

Sleeping is going really well for you and you only wake up once a night these days. Hurray! Thank you for sleeping so well. You must know that your momma loves her sleep.

I cut your nails now and it isn’t nearly as petrifying as it was with Leah. Granted, I accidentally snipped her finger once so that made me a bit more reluctant to cut them. We still put gloves on you occasionally and you still scratch yourself sometimes so I am not doing the best job of getting them as short as they should be. Baby nails are just so darn flimsy!

You celebrated your first holiday this month and it was one of my favorites. Halloween! You were a pumpkin just like your sister and fortunately we got a super cute photo of the two of you before you passed out for the party. No sweets for you this year but your sister and I made up for it by eating a fair amount ourselves.

You have just started crying so it is time to wrap things up and see if you want some milk.

Love you to the Sun,